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Old Shelving Turned Into Art


I live right next to a college, which is a huge added bonus when I’m on the hunt for trash to turn into artwork.  A few months ago I found two large book shelves, the frame itself was warped and unusable, but the shelves that slide out were still able to be used.  I grabbed all 6 shelves and took them to my boyfriends step Dad.  He cut them up for me, and here is what I came up with.  I decided to leave the edges of the cut wood exposed so you can tell it’s recycled, rather than covering it up.  I used an old 1970′s Who’s Who book for the background, and then placed encyclopedia images with my cheesy saying, and ta da all done!  They will be up in our Etsy shop later this week, keep an open mind on items you find in the alley trash cans, you very well may be able to turn it into awesome art like this!

IMG 0678

IMG 0681

IMG 0690

IMG 0692

IMG 0702

IMG 0704

IMG 0698

IMG 0700

IMG 0682

IMG 0684

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